Style is a manifestation of a person’s individuality in appearance, manners, behavior. And it is important to be able to understand and feel yourself. But it is necessary to take into account all the components to create a truly coherent and harmonious image.




First, the style is determined by your face, take into account the lines, the layout and scale. Very important is your inner world, as well as the emotional message that you carry to others. Second, to determine your personal style, you need to create your style formula, which includes absolutely every nuance from colors, fabrics, and styles, to the selection of hair, makeup, and jewelry.

And let’s not forget about fashion! Style and fashion always go hand in hand, but looking stylish doesn’t mean only fashionable. And it’s important to understand how to combine the two concepts correctly.


  • If you want to know what suits you and what makes you look good.
  • What style of dress is closest and most in tune with your inner world.
  • If you want to improve your self-esteem.
  • Work on your own style and image


Color Type Consultation
The determination of your color type will help you to choose easily clothes and makeup, emphasizing your natural beauty. Knowing your shades, you will be able to compose your closet intelligently. Your shades will make you look younger and fresher, emphasize your eye color and harmonize your image.

Figure counseling
During the consultation you will be advised on the figure and your ideal length and style, which will emphasize your advantages and hide the problematic features of your figure. If a dress or a suit does not fit, it means that the problem is not in your figure, but in ignorance of styles that suit you.

Identifying your style
A style consultation will allow you to understand your natural beauty and create your unique image. Always look stylish, feel confident and beautiful, catch admiring glances and receive compliments. A style consultation is the most valuable investment in yourself.


We will determine your color type and find the perfect shades that will beautify you, making you look fresh and young even without makeup. We’ll find the right hair color for you. We will talk about the psychology of perception of shades. Thanks to the detailed guide you will understand the principles of combination of colors in the image and will be able to create your own sets, competently choosing colors and shades in the accessory group, prints and textures of fabric.

The next step is to identify your body type and you will be advised on the best styles and those that are best avoided. You’ll know your optimal lengths in clothing. Do you want to visually lose a couple of pounds, make your legs longer, hide your tummy, lengthen your neck – no problem. During the consultation I will share the secrets of visual correction, in order to hide the nuances and emphasize the advantages of the figure.

I will tell you about the ideas and basics of individual style. What kind of appearance this or that style suits, and I will reasonably explain what kind of style you belong to. We’ll break down the linearity of your face, layout and scale. We won’t forget about your inner world, and talk about the emotional message you carry to those around you.

We’ll take an in-depth look at your style formula. I’ll tell you about the fabrics and textures that suit you – the prints you should use, and those you’d rather not. We’ll choose your accessories, including shoes and bags, and decide on the choice of jewelry. I will give recommendations on hair as well as makeup and manicure.

As a result, I will offer you image options for business, casual, and evening outfits. We’ll talk about modern styles that match your style. These are ready-made style solutions that you can use in your life to shape your look. You’ll learn the stores and brands where to find “your” pieces.


Sometimes we think one thing about ourselves, but we look different, and our surroundings perceive us very differently.
But all three of these points can be combined into an organic whole – your style.
Style is for life, and knowing your style is the most valuable investment you can make in yourself.

Allow yourself the luxury of being you!

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