The consultation will allow you to get to know the nature of your appearance, learn about facial features and linearity and understand the basics of your style construction. At the consultation you will learn what influence the oval of your face, skin structure, length and shape of your nose, size and color of your eyes, shape and fullness of your lips have on your style.



The lines in your face determine your style formula, selecting color combinations, recommending lengths in clothing, fabrics and textures, as well as accessories and jewelry. You will learn the subtleties of why you should choose a particular pattern and print, whether symmetry or asymmetry in shapes suits you, what heel and toe in shoes is worth paying attention to, what hairstyle and hair length will adorn you.


  • A detailed appearance analysis
  • Your personality type
  • Your best color combinations
  • Length chart
  • Fabric and texture recommendations
  • Stylish Images
  • Hairstyling, makeup and manicure recommendations
  • Accessory recommendations
  • Style answers to your style questions


Before the consultation, you will need to fill out a questionnaire and send in photos to determine your facial style and lines.

I will prepare a presentation in advance with a detailed description of your facial lines and with specific style recommendations, which you will receive at the end of the consultation. The consultation takes place remotely online via Skype. At the end, I will answer all your questions about this topic. The duration of the consultation is 1-1.5 hours.


When tension is read in the face, with characteristic volume, internal energy and density, the choice of form and color will necessarily be related to these characteristics.

If there is mystique and mystique in the appearance of an intricate pattern and an elongated bow on the blouse – that’s what you need.

Very often there is a combination of several lineaments in the appearance. And in this case, knowing your style formula will help you a lot.

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