When you need professional advice from a stylist that does not require much preliminary preparation, you can contact me for any question of interest. Very often we are faced with the question of choice and there is no person nearby with whom you could consult. Do not hesitate to write, call, I will be happy to answer all your questions.




  • Wardrobe shopping questions
  • Question about choosing an image
  • Selection of the missing item to the set
  • Suitable or not suitable? What suits me?
  • What should I go for?
  • Style questions
  • Suitable colors and styles
  • To buy or not to buy
  • Questions about creating a capsule

To order the service, send your questions and photos to any of the messengers or to yourlazaria@gmail.com with the subject “Express tips”. I will contact you and we will set a date and time for our consultation. You can send any number of questions and photos. Payment is made on time, the number of images and questions does not matter. The minimum consultation time is 30 minutes.

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