Every woman should be able to look stylish, elegant and modern, and at the same time emphasize her individuality.

My task is to preserve your originality, and competently combine natural data and inner desires.


We face the issue of choosing clothes every day throughout our lives. It’s no secret that the first impression of a person is formed in the first few seconds.

In society, your appearance is the language with which you communicate behind the scenes, and it is he who broadcasts information about you before you began to speak.

Style is handwriting, it is personal and unique. And it’s great when there is some idea that your image conveys. Knowing how color, how shape and proportions affect others, we help ourselves build the right relationships in society.


Stylist services are designed for people who take care of their time and entrust the solution of their issues to a professional.
An expert will highlight your personal characteristics, help you understand your individual style, understand the rules for building a personal style, and teach you how to manage the impression.

My many years of practice and teaching experience show that the choice of style is based not only on external data, but also on human psychology.
The main factor in choosing style solutions is the client’s request.

The need to have your own personal style comes when you begin to appreciate your individuality.
And if you are ready for changes, I will help you create your unique and inimitable image.